The Flandrien Hotel

Belgium is a country that is known as the Mecca for cycling. The Flandrien Hotel epitomises this. It lies on the doorstep of the Flemish Golden Triangle, making it a…Read MoreThe Flandrien Hotel

Racing Rhythm

Racing Rhythm is not wholly about fitness. It’s not about having a good race every day. It’s about learning from the mistakes. Taking them on board and moving on to the next day, a present in waiting.…Read MoreRacing Rhythm

The Belgian Ardennes

I wanted to go to Europe for a camp. The Belgian Ardennes jumped out at me as the ideal locale, with its smooth roads, and pleasant weather.…Read MoreThe Belgian Ardennes

My Belgian Dream

Dear Belgium. In the build up to Roubaix weekend I stayed in Kasseienfiets Huis, in Meulebeke. In those few days, I felt like I was once again meeting you for…Read MoreMy Belgian Dream

Paris Roubaix Espoirs

Paris Roubaix Espoirs is a race that is often visualised in many riders’ dreams. With Sunday, May 7th playing host to the first under twenty-three edition in four years, the…Read MoreParis Roubaix Espoirs

Giro Di Sicilia

The highlight of the week was, undoubtedly, achieving my first professional top ten on stage two. This was a big milestone, just like Gullegem was to me in 2022.…Read MoreGiro Di Sicilia

Giro Di Sicilia – Preview

The 2023 edition is listed as the 5th edition has already attracted some of the biggest competitors in World Cycling. Previous winners, include Brandon McNulty, Vincenzo Nibali and Damiano Caruso.…Read MoreGiro Di Sicilia – Preview

The British Continental

The British Continental is a blog and results service that brings the quiet news of the National Series, National B races and others to a wider audience. They, alongside Monument…Read MoreThe British Continental

The Tour Series

The Tour Series is a style of racing that requires panache, skill, tactical nous and adrenaline to succeed.…Read MoreThe Tour Series

Gabon Pt. 3 – Closing Thoughts

Gabon – The Last Eden occasionally turned into scenes from post-apocalyptic fiction. Trucks were laid to waste, and enveloped in vegetation.…Read MoreGabon Pt. 3 – Closing Thoughts

Gabon Part 2 – Racing in Gabon

In Gabon, every team bus was swarmed with people after each stage. Everywhere you turned someone was asking for a picture or autograph.…Read MoreGabon Part 2 – Racing in Gabon

Gabon Part 1 – The Arrival

Gabon. The country of “La Tropicale Amissa Bongo,” my first professional UCI race, would be unlike anything I’ve ever seen or done before. …Read MoreGabon Part 1 – The Arrival

A Rough Guide to Racing in Belgium

It feels misunderstood as to how possible it is to actually complete a return trip across the channel within a single weekend. This would allow you to complete two club…Read MoreA Rough Guide to Racing in Belgium

Couch Surfing

The summer of 2022, I was couch surfing to lighten the load that travel put on the body before an important race day. Couch surfing allowed me to come the…Read MoreCouch Surfing

Ronde Van Oost Vlaanderen

Build-Up to the race: Ronde Van Oost Vlaanderen was my second 5-day stage race, bringing the total up to 10 days of racing within a 14-day time period. I had…Read MoreRonde Van Oost Vlaanderen

Tour De Liège

For the month of July, however, it seems rather apt that I explain some of the races in a little in the form of a quick race debrief.…Read MoreTour De Liège

A Month without Social Media

4pm 28th April 2022, I decided to do a month without social media. I logged out of all platforms on my phone and laptop, and I wasn’t allowed to log…Read MoreA Month without Social Media

My Time with Covid-19

After 2 years of managing to avoid the virus, I unfortunately contracted Covid-19 sometime over the weekend when I was racing Tryptique des Monts et Châteaux. It would explain why…Read MoreMy Time with Covid-19

GP Criquielion

GP Criquielion was my first u23 UCI race. I knew the level would be something I had never experienced before. Yet it felt very familiar as far as races go.…Read MoreGP Criquielion

The Devastatingly, Wonderful Power of Euphoria

The Power of Euphoria is astonishing. It can have detrimental effects, as I’ve experienced, however, it also has positive impact on a person’s genuine joy and happiness during life’s experiences.…Read MoreThe Devastatingly, Wonderful Power of Euphoria

Why University?

Why did I choose University? It was one of those decisions where you can see two outcomes to the life journey you want to have. All you have to do…Read MoreWhy University?

Chitterne Report

Chitterne Report. The 1st Road Race (2nd Nat B) of the season following the earlier Race for Big Dogs in the North of England. The weather forecast far more horrendous…Read MoreChitterne Report

Contrasting Nature of ‘Off Season’

For many, including myself off season is a time to refresh the mind and body from the intensity of racing week in week out all year. We all have our…Read MoreContrasting Nature of ‘Off Season’

My Sporting History

Welcome. Welcome to my sporting history. If you’ve found this page, you must be looking to know a little bit more about me. Let’s begin with, I am a racing…Read MoreMy Sporting History

Lockdown – it has its difficulties

Well lockdown sprung up on us didn’t it? It feels like ages ago when we were told A levels were not going taking place and school was over. I’ll tell…Read MoreLockdown – it has its difficulties

New Kit Day !!

Well, what a day to start off my time at Urbano Cycling Team! The weather was pristine after worries that bad weather and rain would dampen our day, and my…Read MoreNew Kit Day !!

Get 2020 Started!

Believe it or not this was my first time in Gran Canaria actually riding a bike for the majority of the trip. We had planned to do it around 7…Read MoreGet 2020 Started!

A Month Packed with Racing

What a Month it has been!! A Month packed with racing from start to end, and some great results along the way. It started off slow with a strong performance…Read MoreA Month Packed with Racing

The Month of Criteriums

July is truly the month of criteriums in England. There are an abundance of them spread across a mere 3 weeks. We are truly spoilt for the level or racing…Read MoreThe Month of Criteriums

Driesdaagse Van Axel

Stage 1 – 102km RR Day one of this prestigious three-day stage race was, on paper, a day for the sprinters due to the profile of the course (it was…Read MoreDriesdaagse Van Axel

Ster Van Zuid Limburg

Prologue So my first stage race of the season started off well with a 5 km time trial with an elevation gain of 35m so not exactly flat. Due to…Read MoreSter Van Zuid Limburg

Oliva Nova Team Training Camp

Day / Dag 1 – Tuesday Day one of our training camp – where to start? So much has gone on … as I am writing this it is 16:10…Read MoreOliva Nova Team Training Camp

Team Training Weekends

Over the early months of 2019, we, as team Spiderking Soenens have been going to team training camps in both Belgium and Netherlands to get some race pace in the…Read MoreTeam Training Weekends

2018 Season

What a season it has been!! After a slow start, being ill, having my exams and getting a new coach, I got back on track and had a long season…Read More2018 Season

Team-Building Weekend

So a few weekends ago, on the weekend of the 24th November 2018 I went to Belgium for the penultimate time this year. Now I know I am in the…Read MoreTeam-Building Weekend


Quick Announcement Now I know the website has been quiet for a while, and will continue to be so for at least another month. This is because I am rounding…Read MoreUpdate

La Philippe Gilbert Classic

La Philippe Gilbert Juniors UCI 1.1, riding for HMT Cycling Team. Two words to describe the race? “Holy Crap!” this was going to be one of the most savagely brutal…Read MoreLa Philippe Gilbert Classic

Vuelta Pamplona

La Vuelta Pamplona in Spain was the greatest most fun race I have ever done, and I want to thank HMT cycling team for the opportunity. Safe to say I…Read MoreVuelta Pamplona

Assen Junior Tour

Where do I start? Pretty frustrating week all round really in Assen. The prologue was a good start leaving me in 19th and 8 seconds down, however, the criterium stage…Read MoreAssen Junior Tour

My Working Week

Ideally the week with trainSharp would have allowed me to see how they carry out their bike fits, aero testing and fitness testing. However, staff holidays and last minute appointments…Read MoreMy Working Week

Back To It

Catchphrase from the weekend: ‘You know it is going to be a bloody hard race when the Belgian Champ Turns Up.’ Last Weekend, following my final GCSE examination, we finally…Read MoreBack To It

Epitome of Belgium Racing

Last weekend (18th March), I was lucky enough to ride in the UCI 1.1 race, Guido Reybrouck Classic. Indeed, I found out on Thursday night, during my training session, that…Read MoreEpitome of Belgium Racing

The Wonders of Coffee

Recently, I went on a training camp in Spain, with the “Hitty ‘n’ Gritty” gang (see last blog post). It was on a long 6 hr ride of 140km where…Read MoreThe Wonders of Coffee

Mixing Training with GCSEs #hard

So, I thought I would tell you how my winter training has gone with Trainsharp ahead of my first race of the season. This was my 2nd winter on the…Read MoreMixing Training with GCSEs #hard

Winner's Podium Langemark, Tom Portsmouth

Summary of Season – 2017

This season has gone very well, I have done a real mixture of races in Britain and Belgium. Thanks to the coaching input and training plans from my coaches at…Read MoreSummary of Season – 2017

New Blog!

This is my first post… nothing much to see just yet. Please come back later to find some more blog posts about my life as a UK-based racing cyclist. Hopefully…Read MoreNew Blog!