Why University?

Why did I choose University? It was one of those decisions where you can see two outcomes to the life journey you want to have. All you have to do…Continue readingWhy University?

Chitterne Report

Chitterne Report. The 1st Road Race (2nd Nat B) of the season following the earlier Race for Big Dogs in the North of England. The weather forecast far more horrendous…Continue readingChitterne Report

Contrasting Nature of ‘Off Season’

For many, including myself off season is a time to refresh the mind and body from the intensity of racing week in week out all year. We all have our…Continue readingContrasting Nature of ‘Off Season’

My Sporting History

Welcome. Welcome to my sporting history. If you’ve found this page, you must be looking to know a little bit more about me. Let’s begin with, I am a racing…Continue readingMy Sporting History

Lockdown, it has its difficulties

Well this sprung up on us didn’t it? It feels like ages ago when, we were told A levels weren’t taking place and school was over. I’ll tell you that…Continue readingLockdown, it has its difficulties

New Kit Day !!

Urbano Team Training #1 Well, what a day to start off my time at Urbano Cycling Team!! The weather was pristine after worries that bad weather and rain would dampen…Continue readingNew Kit Day !!

Let’s Get 2020 Started!!

Believe it or not this was my first time in Gran Canaria actually riding a bike for the majority of the trip. We had planned to do it around 7…Continue readingLet’s Get 2020 Started!!

August – A Month Full of Racing

What a Month it has been!! A Month packed with racing from start to end, and some great results along the way. It started off slow with a strong performance…Continue readingAugust – A Month Full of Racing

July – The Month of Criteriums

July was a tough month for me with one big crash which I am still recovering from, unfortunately. The other hurdle was a mental one, which has been hard at…Continue readingJuly – The Month of Criteriums

Driesdaagse Van Axel

Stage 1 – 102km RR Day one of this prestigious three-day stage race was, on paper, a day for the sprinters due to the profile of the course (it was…Continue readingDriesdaagse Van Axel

Ster Van Zuid Limburg

Prologue So my first stage race of the season started off well with a 5 km time trial with an elevation gain of 35m so not exactly flat. Due to…Continue readingSter Van Zuid Limburg

Oliva Nova Team Training Camp

Day / Dag 1 – Tuesday Day one of our training camp – where to start? So much has gone on … as I am writing this it is 16:10…Continue readingOliva Nova Team Training Camp

Team Training Weekends

Over the early months of 2019, we, as team Spiderking Soenens have been going to team training camps in both Belgium and Netherlands to get some race pace in the…Continue readingTeam Training Weekends

2018 Season

What a season it has been!! After a slow start, being ill, having my exams and getting a new coach, I got back on track and had a long season…Continue reading2018 Season

Team-Building Weekend

So a few weekends ago, on the weekend of the 24th November 2018 I went to Belgium for the penultimate time this year. Now I know I am in the…Continue readingTeam-Building Weekend


Quick Announcement Now I know the website has been quiet for a while, and will continue to be so for at least another month. This is because I am rounding…Continue readingUpdate

La Philippe Gilbert Classic

La Philippe Gilbert Juniors UCI 1.1, riding for HMT Cycling Team. Two words to describe the race? “Holy Crap!” this was going to be one of the most savagely brutal…Continue readingLa Philippe Gilbert Classic

Vuelta Pamplona

La Vuelta Pamplona in Spain was the greatest most fun race I have ever done, and I want to thank HMT cycling team for the opportunity. Safe to say I…Continue readingVuelta Pamplona

Assen Junior Tour

Where do I start? Pretty frustrating week all round really in Assen. The prologue was a good start leaving me in 19th and 8 seconds down, however, the criterium stage…Continue readingAssen Junior Tour

My Working Week

Ideally the week with trainSharp would have allowed me to see how they carry out their bike fits, aero testing and fitness testing. However, staff holidays and last minute appointments…Continue readingMy Working Week

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