Lockdown – it has its difficulties

Well lockdown sprung up on us didn’t it?

It feels like ages ago when we were told A levels were not going taking place and school was over. I’ll tell you that hit hard, like really hard. The first thought I had was the effort I have put in over these past two years! The feeling of a loss of gratification from never being able to take those final exams that give so much closure to the whole process. I am one who definitely likes closure, and to have that taken away, not only from finishing your course, but also the ability to properly celebrate with those friends that you have made along the way. And of course giving them the proper send off before they all head off to University and Apprenticeships, whilst you pursue your own career.

It is uncertain times, and for my year group, it hangs in the balance as to how the grades will be given and who will be most affected by this whole situation. Personally I know how much work I have put in and I feel my teachers also know that! I can only hope and pray now that the evidence actually does what it should do. I know it doesn’t affect me immediately, but a cyclist’s career span is, at tops, 15 years. So this could potentially affect my future career prospects following cycling.

Most of you know how much I’ve been taking these A levels seriously, forgoing a lot of cycling opportunities to fulfil my full potential in these examinations. So that hurts, that it is almost void. I know it isn’t but that is what the feeling is!


I’m going to be honest here, and tell you all that when the news hit, all motivation for anything was taken away. That feeling has been continuing for a couple weeks, since the beginning of Lockdown. I am only now understanding what I think needs to be done to keep myself motivated and ready for the racing in the future, be it 2020 or 2021, we don’t know. All I do know is I have got some exciting stuff lined up for this winter, and it is something to look forward to. Because for now, at least, they are still on.

In the meantime, I am trying to find the life of riding your bike everyday enjoyable, but it is incredibly hard at the moment. I am investigating ways to be entertained on those long base rides, that we have moved back to, so not to burn oneself out. TrainSharp, and Alex, are helping get my head in check with what training needs to be done before the racing season hits again. I am sharing what I feel will possibly work for me as well. They really advise you on what is best, but also take on board what you want, however in moderation. They are the experts after all. They’ve been invaluable for me during these uncertain times. They give you the certainty of what to train for.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel I have burnt out all of my motivation to do those long rides on their own, with those steady zone 3 sessions. So, contrary to what I have been saying to myself, I am going to be participating in a few Zwift races, and delve into that world of racing. I have done one race, and I must say it was rather enjoyable! Now my watts per kilo are by no means good, but I am going to be giving it a good crack (on flat courses :p ).

Let’s see how this goes and try our best to get through this in one piece and still riding a bike!!

One thing is for sure I’m going to be getting tonnes of kilometres I haven’t been able to do before for the CW5000 by Cycling Weekly. Inside kilometres count as well!! Yesss. I’ll put a link at the bottom, as I usually do.

Of course this puts into question the summer racing with Urbano and living out in Belgium with the help of Dave Rayner Foundation. But I am going to keep working hard, and am looking forward to the possibility of races in the future, whenever that may be. But for now, I am going to be riding with the excitement that comes with the racing substitute that is Zwift.

If there is any things you want to see on this blog let me know, I have all the time in the world.

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