My Support

Every athlete needs a crew of support behind them. At this level most are employed to aid in my improvements as an athlete.

My support for the 2023 season are listed below. There are some new, returning and old organisations in this year’s list. I’ll be outlining who they are as an organisation and how they’re helping me out. Even how you could benefit from their aid too! It’s an exciting list this year. Enjoy. 

**If you want more information about each member of my support, there are links on the subtitles and images throughout this piece**

Bingoal Wallonie Bruxelles

The best place to start is by outlining my team for the 2023 season. I’ll be remaining with a largely yellow colourway on my back this season, albeit a slightly different shade. Bingoal WB has a history of standing out in the peloton with, not only their bold kit choices, but also their aggressive and bold way of racing against the highest tier World Tour Teams in the largest classics. I feel this culture has trickled down to their Continental Development team which I will be a part of in 2023 with the close relationship and recycled management team that support both teams equally. Many of the same faces throughout the organisation help out in the Conti Development team. 

I’m looking forward to taking on some of the biggest u23 races the UCI has to offer. It will be a big step up for me this year, having completed some top UCI races in 2022. However, this year is a different ball game with almost an entire season of the highest U23 UCI classified races. As is often the case at this level of racing, I am aiming to get some opportunities to ride up and experience their professional outfit in training camps, and later, the Professional UCI races. You may have seen this team bring the racing alive in many a breakaway in 2022. they also brought the race alive in the Tour of Britain last season. I’m more than excited to be bringing this jersey back to the British shores.

Rayner Foundation

Rayner Foundation initially supported me during my first season of u23 racing. I was part of their 3 month programme where they offer support to u23 riders who are still studying for their A Level examinations. They also supported me in 2021 when I spent the majority of the year in Aywaille, Belgium. Racing an abundance of kermesse races, alongside some high level club scene races. I’m very glad to be back on their roster of supported riders for the 2023 season with Bingoal WB.

They offer a great service to the grassroots community. They have been supporting u23 riders for many years, with a modern inclusion of pathways for junior development teams to find a more accessible gateway to race in and around Northern Europe. Alongside the financial support they offer to the riders following their dream and basing themselves in Europe. They also offer a brilliant community of historic cycling figures from Britain. Creating an immense network of riders & managers; old and new to seek and receive advice on the scene of pursuing a professional career within cycling.

Charlie Mitten

I joined these guys in March of 2021 with a goal and vision to where I wanted to get to. I’d never thought about my nutrition in the way that they would later teach me. I can honestly say that these guys had one of the biggest impacts on the success of my cycling. Simply due to being able to fuel right, and deep into the endgame. With their help, I could produce the same power I would, fresh, after 3 hours of riding. It opened my eyes up to what was possible in power and weight loss, although the latter is still difficult for me to comprehend fully.

They’re sticking with me in 2022 and I couldn’t be happier to share my journey with them, because they also give more than nutritional support and advice. They really listen to your situation and life struggles. They’re truly friends to me, who genuinely care about where I’m going and how I’m getting there. Helping me attempt to improve in everyday life around the bike and nutrition. Thank you for staying with as a partner guys throughout, this tough winter break, I’m excited for the work we can put in for the 2022 season.

University of Surrey

I’m a Dual-Career Athlete at Surrey University. They’re supporting me with my career so I am able to study and chase this dream that I’m still giving 100% to. I chose to go to university mainly because of the Brexit restrictions placed upon me, but also in conjunction with Paul, helping me recognise an opportunity to really develop my life into something I wanted to do. I saw an opportunity open up this winter and I took it. It has been one of the better decisions I’ve done as it’s given me time to get on the bike and just ride, giving other structure and productivity to my day, which I’ve not had since the start of Covid. It has allowed me to really appreciate my friends and housemates in Guildford, as they’re the most supportive people going at the moment, helping me get through so much struggle and adaptation this winter. I feel like a changed human and it’s largely down to the life transition you are inevitably going to get with University. I’m studying Sport and Exercise Science BSc at the University of Surrey.

One Life ID

One Life ID have been very supportive of me and the career aspirations for quite some time. I began wearing their wristbands back in 2018, and then was initially in contact with them as a brand from 2019 when I began wearing them more regularly. In 2023 as I begin to travel further afield it will be even more important to be wearing one of these ID bands when training and racing. They store all your important ICE contacts right on your wrist, and also get a personalised web page with important information that the emergency services may find useful. Even conversation starters on topics that you like.

As the roads, especially in Britain, are becoming more congested