About Me

What’s the first thing you should know about me? I am an understated but quietly determined individual who will learn as quickly as possible. 

Hi I’m Tom Portsmouth and welcome to my website. I am a 21-year-old athlete from Surrey, UK. I have been competing in many sports throughout my life. Initially in Gymnastics, Rugby, Swimming & Football. In 2016 I began to focus on cycling on the road, time trial and track racing across Europe and Britain. For the 2022 season I am racing my final year in the U23 category, riding a Belgian UCI Continental team called Bingoal Wallonie Bruxelles Devo. This is a sub team to the Professional Outfit the team also runs.   

After a year out of education, I decided to return and begin my deferred entry for the 2021/22 academic year. It is one of the wisest moves I’ve taken. In a bid to chase my dreams in other means which extend far beyond my career in cycling. I’m studying Sport and Exercise Science BSc as a means to achieve this. It helps it has been my side passion, secondary to racing bikes, for quite a few years now, thanks for Mum teaching me the ways of functional dynamic movement, I’m now hooked. The Modules for the second semester are starting to grab my attention, and give me an idea for why this course is right for me.

I believe it will complement my cycling, not just because I have a deeper understanding of what governs performance, but also to give me the headspace I need to pause dreaming about cycling, so I am fresh for every time I step onto the bike to race. I’m studying at the University of Surrey. I’m supported by Team Surrey’s Dual Career Programme, which allows ease of communication between the module leads and myself to discuss my schedule in order to get the best out of my sporting and academic performances. 

I’m a fanatic about F1, it’s so similar to cycling it was easy to latch onto. However, it is, strikingly, different enough that I don’t take any energy away from loving cycling 100%. I’ve used the F1 game to enhance my brain’s way tactical, rapid and under-pressure thinking in 2021, the one flaw to me returning to education. But where’s the personal development from playing video games 24/7? I take a dive into the reasons why in my blog ‘why I chose university’

I’m excited for what the future holds, and what I do to go about achieving that. I’m also excited to be building this website, and taking it on by myself 100% after having my Dad’s help for the first couple of years. What you are seeing right now. It’s all me. I’m proud and I hope you all like what you see. 

Follow along on this incredible journey which I endeavour to share with you along the way!

I’ve written a post deep-diving into my past Sporting History from a child until now. 

You can also learn a bit more about me from this video from Gary Blake 

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