Race Results

I race intensely across the whole season, and at varying levels of competition. Some sites do not include every result in one place. So i’ve created a list of all my 2022 race results in one place, right here on tomportsmouth.co.uk.

In the table you have:

  • A description of how the result was achieved. I make sure I do this because results never tell the entire story of the race, so people tend to assume, often wrongly why you may have been so far down the order.
  • The position achieved
  • The race competition category, 
  • The race’s name 

I’ve linked to the individual results page, from which I gather my finishing position in the official results. 

DatePlacingRace NameClassificationHow it Happened
20th March22ndGP CriquielionUCI 1.2190km race was raced full gas for the first 110km of the day. Tiring the legs out. I was struggling but managed to pull together a strong sprint despite the distance. Lots of room to grow and learn
13th March3rdJock Wadley Mem.National BA break of 6 went on lap 2, I then bridged with a group of 5 before bridging as part of a two up with Richi. He and Yanto proceeded to attack and I settled for winning the best of the rest.
27th February31stGent-Staden1.IC1Missed the main move of the day. Finally got 5th place in the sprint for 27th after surfing the wheels on the run in.
20th February69thCircuit des Plages 6ª Ep1.12.1Sketchy day with many, many crashes. In the final 5km I was at the front, and attacked with 2km to go. But my escape partner didn't ride.
19th February18thCircuit des Plages 5ª Ep (TTT)1.12.1We were on road bikes, and got 2nd to another team who road bikes but with disc wheels. Solid effort to only lose 4 mins to the fully equiped teams.
17th February117thCircuit des Plages 4ª Ep1.12.1In good shape, until I was lying on the floor with 15km to go. Rode into the finish to record a result nonetheless.
13th February22ndCircuit des Plages 2ª Ep1.12.1Battling 60kmh wind gusts, I was alone amongst a field of strong teams bullying me in the gutter. I improved throughout the day, but the energy expenditure took its toll in the sprint.

At the bottom, here, you can find my past results from 2018-2021 which are documented in the same format as described above. 


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