In 2022, I decided to begin a journey into podcasting. I had an idea the year prior and built up slowly to the first episodes. It has been a slow progress, with juggling the recording and editing alongside my career and studies. I find podcasting one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in recent times, having learnt so much about myself and ways of communicating.

It’s called The Athlete Experience. A podcast about people starting out in a journey. I want to capture a timepiece of their challenges when starting out on their endeavours. Additionally the skills I gain in improving my communication skills is the side benefit to hosting this podcast.

The Podcast is in its infancy. I slowly produce episodes, when inspiration and time allows. I do have aspirations for the future of this podcast which go beyond the career as a professional sportsperson. I hope you enjoy listening.

So far in the opening 6 episodes, the podcast has featured: Zak Snell, Inigo Hawkings, Daniel Dixon, Owen Lake, Irfan Zaman and Josh Copley. Throughout each episode, there is opinions on social media, culture, travel and chasing their dreams. I find sharing aspirations inspires others to dream their dreams too.

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