Welcome Home. I love writing blogs about topics that have a personal connection with me as well as analysing my races through reporting how the result was done. 

A Month without Social Media

4pm 28th April 2022, I decided to do a month without social media. I logged out of all platforms on my phone and laptop, and I wasn’t allowed to log…Continue readingA Month without Social Media


My Time with Covid-19

After 2 years of managing to avoid the virus, I unfortunately contracted Covid-19 sometime over the weekend when I was racing Tryptique des Monts et Châteaux. It would explain why…Continue readingMy Time with Covid-19

GP Criquielion

GP Criquielion was my first u23 UCI race. I knew the level would be something I had never experienced before. Yet it felt very familiar as far as races go.…Continue readingGP Criquielion

The Devastatingly, Wonderful Power of Euphoria

The Power of Euphoria is astonishing. It can have detrimental effects, as I’ve experienced, however, it also has positive impact on a person’s genuine joy and happiness during life’s experiences.…Continue readingThe Devastatingly, Wonderful Power of Euphoria

Why University?

Why did I choose University? It was one of those decisions where you can see two outcomes to the life journey you want to have. All you have to do…Continue readingWhy University?

Chitterne Report

Chitterne Report. The 1st Road Race (2nd Nat B) of the season following the earlier Race for Big Dogs in the North of England. The weather forecast far more horrendous…Continue readingChitterne Report

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