Mixing Training with GCSEs #hard

So, I thought I would tell you how my winter training has gone with Trainsharp ahead of my first race of the season.

This was my 2nd winter on the inspire talent programme at Trainsharp and I must say this is the most training I have done in my 3 years of being coached, and it has gone rather well, if I do say so myself. I recently got a new coach, just after Christmas and I was, I do admit, slightly cautious, as I have experienced in the past, new coaches being very different. But I think it has been for the best as my previous coach had been offered a contract as a Sport Scientist at U23 Dimension Data! Which will increase the links that Trainsharp already have and widening their circle even further.

I have a test at Trainsharp HQ in a few weeks, and I am very excited about it because recently I have been feeling very strong on the bike. The last test I did was in July 2017 so I do hope to see a big improvement there. I am diverting off topic, this winter has been very lonely on my 3 hour+ rides as I haven’t been able to get down to a new group of guys that I have known for a couple of years, they call themselves “Hitty ‘n’ Gritty.” It has been a shame because I really wanted to develop as a person and a rider with them. It made up for itself though as they invited me to Calpe, Spain this half-term just gone. It was good to catch up, and from now on I am going to make the effort to try and go out with a friend most rides because it is just so much better.

Also, this winter there has been way too much turbo work for my liking, but what can you do. I am in the full swing of my GCSE year and it is winter, so there is much I can do but come home and just do the session Trainsharp set me. After the school games 2017 though and the horrendous Zwift TT I couldn’t help but invest in this amazing software, and it has got me through the bulk of my training which if you follow my strava, you will see are roughly around 1 hour and 20 minutes apiece.

Developing on the point about strava, I am going to stop making my rides ‘private’ because what is the need, the training is specific to one person and only that person so, if you are interested the link to my strava profile is here —–> .https://www.strava.com/athletes/3719332

This is only my 2nd blog and I am still learning, so it may not be perfect just yet.