Results 2018

2018 Season Results

Here are my results from 2018 with a quick sentence explaining how I got the the placing.
DatePlacingRace NameTypeHow it was done
2018-09-233rdDuo Normand2-up Time TrialOn Junior gears whereas 1st + 2nd were unrestricted!!
2018-09-1611thMesenKermesseHilly, + attacked one lap early to try and win + died on the final hill
2018-09-151stSint-DenijsKermesse6-man breakaway + won the sprint w./ 48 seconds lead
2018-09-0251stLa Philippe GilbertUCI 1.1 One Day raceForced the winning break from km 10 and lasted till 100km in it 58 finishers / 160 starters
2018-08-225thTorhoutKermesseBrought 50 seconds back to 10 seconds on the line
2018-08-1911thBoucles de L'OiseTime Trial
2018-07-307thAssen - stage 7Time Trial44 seconds behind the winner
4-man breakaway w./ 2m:15 lead
2018-07-141stDentergemKermesse8-man break w./ 2m:01 lead
2018-07-1133rdMenen-Kemmel-MenenUCI 1.1 One Day race
2018-07-041stGuildford Town Centre Races3rd cat CriteriumSprint from 250m won by 10m
2018-07-011stFete Du VeloCriterium3-man break won the sprint
2018-05-261stLVYCC #4, Hog HillClosed Circuit3-man break won the sprint
2018-03-18DNFGuido Reybrouck Classic, DammeUCI 1.1 One Day race
2018-03-0435thDe KlijteKermesseKermesse
2018-03-0367th / DNFLierdeKermesseKermesse
2018-02-243rdLVYCC #3, Hog HillClosed CircuitClosed Circuit