My Support

It’s a privilege to share my support for the 2022 season. I’ll go over a little about what they do as a company, and how they’ve helped me to get to where I am today. Importantly, I’ll also add where I want to go.

**If you want more information about each member of my support, there are links on the subtitles and images throughout this piece**

Mini Discar Cycling Team

There is no other place to begin than my team for 2022. It’s undergoing a slight evolution with a change of name and a significant change in colours. However, the main outfit of staff and supporters remain predominantly the same. The evolution produces a new name under the guise of Mini Discar Cycling Team (The team’s Instagram) with a change of colours from a bright unmissable pink for an equally bright and unmissable yellow.

2021 was an awesome first year with the team. The atmosphere is like no other and the attitudes of respect and belief is felt throughout the setup. Some would have said it was a gamble joining a brand-new team with no evidence of being able to get a calendar. But something called me to believe in Greg and the team, to put my utmost trust in them to bring the calendar and therefore opportunities I needed to progress my career forward. It was a gamble well spent because we outperformed what many believed we were capable of in 2021. I hope, and believe, we will carry this on into 2022 campaign. They taught me how to believe in myself and coinciding with my other partner this meant for a tenfold increase in belief on the bike, something I had never experienced before. It’s a pleasure to still be partnered and riding for this team and I can’t wait to see what we can do together with the staff and all the riders alike.


Qualified Nutrition

I joined these guys in March of 2021 with a goal and vision to where I wanted to get to. I’d never thought about my nutrition in the way that they would later teach me. I can honestly say that these guys had one of the biggest impacts on the success of my cycling. Simply due to being able to fuel right, and deep into the endgame. With their help, I could produce the same power I would, fresh, after 3 hours of riding. It opened my eyes up to what was possible in power and weight loss, although the latter is still difficult for me to comprehend fully.

They’re sticking with me in 2022 and I couldn’t be happier to share my journey with them, because they also give more than nutritional support and advice. They really listen to your situation and life struggles. They’re truly friends to me, who genuinely care about where I’m going and how I’m getting there. Helping me attempt to improve in everyday life around the bike and nutrition. Thank you for staying with as a partner guys throughout, this tough winter break, I’m excited for the work we can put in for the 2022 season. Charlie Mitten, one of the Nutritionist’s Instagram.


Pedal Potential

Pedal Potential first supported me in 2019, when I was a final year Junior. Their programme is incredibly cool, and like no other. To qualify for the support, each athlete agrees to write, at least, one blog a month, on any topic. But as athletes the preferred subject is a summary of how you’re getting on in your performance, although I try to refrain from writing the same old summary posts of ‘we did this and I did that.’ So over the course of 2019,  I learnt how to share my racing and results in new, exciting and innovative ways. A skill I hope to enhance as the 2022 season progresses. Pedal was also the perfect environment or supportive people to, also help get the ball rolling on understanding the world of Twitter, one which proved very helpful when I joined The Rayner Foundation in 2020. 

 I’m incredibly grateful to have received the support from the guys at Pedal Potential this year. I’m excited to be bringing you along for the journey, I’m hoping you’re enjoying so far. I am aiming to do more than one blog a month, as I said at the top of the new year, with some exciting ideas down on the list. Keep your eye peeled, by following me (and Pedal Potential) on Twitter. 


Perform Well Psychology

In the midst of the pandemic, Paul has changed the way I see and perceive everything around me, both on and off the bike. It’s a true investment that I’m aiming will enhance my psyche to be a permanent and positive change. The brain is the most powerful thing in the body, and he’s helped me look after it. But more than that he’s helped me develop a winning mindset where positive and consistent attitudes and beliefs get the most out of the bike and life every time I step onto it. I couldn’t have stuck through this season and get the consistent goals and personal growth I have done without his help. I’m very grateful to have him on board as a partner going into a very important and exciting year, I can’t wait to see the continued improvements we do in the coming months. You can find Paul on Twitter


University of Surrey x Team Surrey

I’m a Dual-Career Athlete at Surrey University. They’re supporting me with my career so I am able to study and chase this dream that I’m still giving 100% to. I chose to go to university mainly because of the Brexit restrictions placed upon me, but also in conjunction with Paul, helping me recognise an opportunity to really develop my life into something I wanted to do. I saw an opportunity open up this winter and I took it. It has been one of the better decisions I’ve done as it’s given me time to get on the bike and just ride, giving other structure and productivity to my day, which I’ve not had since the start of Covid. It has allowed me to really appreciate my friends and housemates in Guildford, as they’re the most supportive people going at the moment, helping me get through so much struggle and adaptation this winter. I feel like a changed human and it’s largely down to the life transition you are inevitably going to get with University. I’m studying Sport and Exercise Science BSc at the University of Surrey.