World-Tour 2021 Equipment Review

With this written review, I am commencing Tech Tuesday’s. Where over the course of this year on various Tuesdays, and not necessarily consecutively I’ll be posting written reviews on any and all interesting tech going on in the professional peloton as well as the tech that I use daily as part of my team in Belgium, Carbonbike Discar Academy.

So, let’s start the first Tech Tuesday. I’ll share my thoughts on the looks, beliefs and functionality on the clothing, bikes and other equipment teams are using for the 2021 season. I will be staying as far away as possible from listing all 19 teams in succession, instead looking at teams that show some serious interest with their equipment choices. Both good, and bad.

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Lockdown, it has its difficulties

Well this sprung up on us didn’t it?

It feels like ages ago when, we were told A levels weren’t taking place and school was over. I’ll tell you that hit hard, like really hard. The first thought I had was the effort I have put in over these past two years! The feeling of a loss of gratification from never being able to take those final exams that give so much closure to the whole process. Continue reading “Lockdown, it has its difficulties”

New Kit Day !!

Urbano Team Training #1

Well, what a day to start off my time at Urbano Cycling Team!! The weather was pristine after worries that bad weather and rain would dampen our day, and my first outing with the team. It was quite the opposite. A beautifully sunny day, with a stiff westerly breeze with the added touch of chill. Overall, not too bad a day for mid-January on the continent.

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Let’s Get 2020 Started!!

Believe it or not this was my first time in Gran Canaria actually riding a bike for the majority of the trip. We had planned to do it around 7 years ago but I was too young and the hills were far too steep for me to be riding every day. However, being older and stronger now than I was then, I was excited to get this training period under way and get some solid training in the bag for the 2020 season with Urbano Cycling Team! Continue reading “Let’s Get 2020 Started!!”

July – the Month of Criteriums

July was a tough month for me with one big crash which I am still recovering from, unfortunately. The other hurdle was a mental one, which has been hard at times. There have been times this month that I have wanted to climb off the bike, there were more of these than I would have hoped for. Thankfully I only climbed off my bike twice as these were two days that just didn’t go my way, really. Continue reading “July – the Month of Criteriums”